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Watauga Library Expansion Project

Proposed design by Appalachian Architecture, P.A.

Make Room for the Future

At the Watauga Library Expansion Project,

we believe in community and the importance of our library

to connect people to information and to each other.

Join us in making a measurable difference

in the lives of community members by

supporting the expansion and renovation of our library.​

Let's make room for the future!

Our Story

The Need for Expansion

If you’ve spent time in our building, you may not need convincing that our space is too small for our needs!

We are past our “build by” date by 9 years!  When this building was constructed in 1997, it was built 1/3 smaller than intended due to limited funds available at the time.  


According to the State Library of NC facility guidelines, our building is currently 8000 sq. ft. smaller than the lowest “Essential” level of standards for our adjusted population. Our HVAC system, carpeting, and furnishings are just as old as the building.


It’s time to catch up with our current population and plan for the next 20 years of library service to Watauga County!

If you are interested in further information, check out a brief history of the Watauga County Public Library here.  You may also view our 2022 statistical overview here and the original 1995 library project description here.

Library front entrance in spring 940 x 7
Library - Ray-17.jpg
More space to support
public services and programmin

We have made creative use of our limited space thus far, but we need more space for our staff to provide the best programming for our community for all ages. Click for more details.

What our users want and need!

Our patrons have spoken and we have listened! Some ways we plan to use added space include:

  • Programming space including STEM for children, teens, and adults with room for large and small groups

  • Comfortable and quiet seating for adults; more chairs and tables with access to power outlets.

  • Private workspaces for individuals or small groups with power outlets

  • Additional public meeting room space to accommodate large and small groups

  • Local history and genealogy materials;  Digital Watauga work

  • Storage and space for our Friends of the Library volunteers to sort donations and work

  • Workspace and offices for staff

The Desired Expansion Project

Local architect Bill Dixon of Appalachian Architecture P.A. created a proposed design for our building, which includes
  • 3-story addition onto the front lawn which will include a new lower level with an entrance to the building, an extended main level, and a mezzanine

  • Relocation of the current front entrance and new entry to the expanded  meeting room

  • Refurnishing and updating the current main level to accommodate the additional square footage

This design increases the square footage from 16,840 to 40,034 – more than double!  We are hoping for a significant contribution from Watauga County, with help from the Town of Boone, state, federal and foundation grant awards, as well as and private fundraising.

The Watauga Library community is working to show our commitment to this project by raising $3 million for the renovation and expansion.  These funds will help provide the furnishings, fixtures and equipment for the project.

Proposed designs by Appalachian Architecture, P.A.

Proposed Main Level

Proposed designs by Appalachian Architecture, P.A.

Proposed New Levels

Proposed designs by Appalachian Architecture, P.A.

Proposed designs by Appalachian Architecture, P.A.



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With many pressing needs facing our community, it can be challenging to make a meaningful difference. Volunteering time with the Watauga Library Expansion Project initiative can successfully serve our community and improve countless lives.

To learn more about attending meetings or joining a committee, contact us by clicking here.

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There are many ways to show your support for the project and help advance our efforts toward the plan!


  • Spread the word across the community via word of mouth and social media

  • Use library resources. Is your library card active? Have you checked out a book lately?

  • Advocate to our locally elected officials about the importance of this project!

  • Donate to help fund the expansion and renovation.

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