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More Information About Our Needs

Dedicated Space for Youth Services

Vibrant literacy programs by Youth Services enable families to promote a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. In our current building, Youth Services must juggle with the many other library programs to have a place to hold Story Times, and the Youth Services work room where activities are prepared is filled to the brim and overflowing.

Increased Capacity for Community Engagement

At The Watauga County Public Library, there is a single meeting room to accommodate some 700 library sponsored programs and over 200 community meetings. With space at a premium, the library often holds events in the common reading area or must  turn away community groups needing the space.  The library has only three small rooms for quiet study, and at times they must double as employee office space.

Appropriate Housing of the Digital Watauga Project

Watauga County’s historical artifacts and images collections are growing exponentially. Housed in the Adult Services and Genealogy Collection area of the library, Digital Watauga works year round to preserve, catalog, and digitize these rare collections, making them widely accessible. Digital Watauga needs adequate room for project staff, volunteers, equipment, and storage to continue the important work of preserving the county’s heritage. 

Space for Special Displays on Current and Compelling Topics

The Watauga County Library seeks to offer interesting displays that resonate with community concern, but impactful and interactive exhibits require room that the library simply does not have. Lack of space has become a limiting factor when selecting from the array of exhibits that we could offer. 

Additional Work/Storage Space for Circulation and Technical Services

Work space is tight for processing incoming books, periodicals, and media. Employees have inadequate storage and cramped workstations which impact the ability to complete tasks with ease and efficiency. The library expansion and renovation must consider staff assignments in addition to patron interest and activities.

Space for Friends of the Library and Volunteer Activities

The ability to sustain library quality and functions is greatly enhanced by volunteers, and The Friends of WCPL are a significant source of library funding. Currently, books donated to The Friends have limited space to be stored, sorted, and repaired. A dedicated room is needed for their efforts. Volunteers to the library staff have no work station to wrap books or create arts and crafts for the Children’s Section.

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